Hope You Don’t Mind | QARAN ft. The Rish | Nidhi Shah | Siddhant Kaushal | Hit Song 2021
An upbeat, flirty and tongue-in-cheek song about the ups and downs in a relationship, Hope You Don’t Mind is an honest confession from an estranged lover to the love of his life.
Stylish. Groovy. Urban.
The video is starring talented composer - producer QARAN and popular actress Nidhi Shah
#HYDM #NidhiShah #QARAN
Audio Credits:
Artist: QARAN
Featured Artist: The Rish
Composer: QARAN
Lyricists: QARAN / Siddhant Kaushal
Music Producers: QARAN / Rand “Patch” Ralph
Additional Programming: Asad Shabbir / Rishabh Kant
Mix Engineer: Rand “Patch” Ralph
Mastering Engineer: Chris Gehringer (Sterling Sound)

Video Credits:
Cast - QARAN, Nidhi Shah
Production House: Dreamcatchers India
Director / DOP: Malay Prakash
Producer: Gaurav Mishra
1st CA: Shivam Borkar
1st AD: Arushi Sharma
Art: Aashi Gupta
Line Production: Luv
Costumes: Pratishruti
Extras Casting: Pranjali
Hair & Make up: Yashi Tandon
BTS Photographer: Shriya
Locations: The Leela Ambience, Gurugram & Ferris Wheel Studios
Post Production
Editor: Vipin
Grade/Online: HDFX (Luis)
QARAN's Team
Agency: KWAN Talent Management Agency Pvt. Ltd.
Agent/Manager: Akanksha Namdeo (KWAN)
Nidhi's Team
Represented by: Vidit Chitroda
Associate Manager: Zeesha Khety
Associate Producer: Vandana Munjal

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  • Nidhi Shah
    Nidhi Shah

    Special thanks to each and every one who took out their time and watched my music video. I am glad you guys loved the song I am overwhelmed by all of your comments and best wishes. Thank you soo much for your support ❤️🤗

    • Manisha

      Such a beautiful song mam I am a big fan of you 😚😚 aapka show Anupama bhout accha hai aapka character Kinjal is too good 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️😉

    • ganesh waghe
      ganesh waghe

      Please make more songs 🥰🥰 iam waithing coming next song by Mr Benz

    • Tech Bazzi
      Tech Bazzi

      Kinju baby 👼Rocks 🔥

    • ganesh waghe
      ganesh waghe

      I love this song nidhi madam thank you🥰🥰🥰

    • Jitu Aghera
      Jitu Aghera

      🤗🤗😍😍Nice song

  • Beena Rawat
    Beena Rawat

    This song deserve more view 😭

  • Beena Rawat
    Beena Rawat

    Nidhi 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️she look like tara sutari by the way more pretty

  • Agnee

    I can't understand Punjabi language, so please translate this song to English 🙏🙏🙏

  • Agnee

    I loved it ❤️! Couldn't make out at all that it's actually a sad song 😭... instead it made me smile seeing the way Qaran sings...Qaran sang like a Hollywood singer 🎉😍🤩

  • Gautami Verma
    Gautami Verma


  • Shivanshu Pandey
    Shivanshu Pandey

    Qaran's music damn good & singing is Grammy level

  • Ibrahim Mahmood Nafi
    Ibrahim Mahmood Nafi

    Absolutely beautiful song 💖. Want more song like this 🙂

  • Yash Karale
    Yash Karale

    Why so underrated 😖

  • Aitu Hazarika
    Aitu Hazarika

    Every 1hour later I repeat hear this song ❤️❤️

    • Agnee

      I wish they had done 1 hour loop of this song.

  • Pooja Gupta
    Pooja Gupta

    Amazing song just love it 👍

  • 7024_Chirag Sharma
    7024_Chirag Sharma


  • Tanya Asoliya
    Tanya Asoliya

    Such a lovely song ♥️♥️

  • sushant singh rajput
    sushant singh rajput

    Great song!!!! Thank you so much,finally got some thing new....

  • Paravej Ali Babu
    Paravej Ali Babu

    💕 😘 Love

  • Badri Nath
    Badri Nath

    It feels good when we see an Indian sings like a foreign singer 😍😍


    So bad song

  • Shivam Anand
    Shivam Anand


  • NOOR Siddiqui
    NOOR Siddiqui

    Nidz u look so beautiful in this video 🌼❤

  • NOOR Siddiqui
    NOOR Siddiqui


  • Shriya Dwivedi
    Shriya Dwivedi

    Just lovin' it!!!

  • Sk Mosta fizur rahman
    Sk Mosta fizur rahman

    Qaran beard look awesome bro😎😎❤👍👍👌

  • Paravej Ali Babu
    Paravej Ali Babu

    Verry nice 🙂

  • Paravej Ali Babu
    Paravej Ali Babu

    Cool 😎🆒



  • Paravej Ali Babu
    Paravej Ali Babu

    Best song

  • Parthiv Das
    Parthiv Das

    Only came here from gorgeous nidhi otherwise a useless 3 rd class song

  • Paravej Ali Babu
    Paravej Ali Babu


  • Rushi sayani
    Rushi sayani

    After haaye oye qaran is back with hope you don't mind ❣️

  • Nemi Chandra
    Nemi Chandra

    Wow this is sach a really beautiful song I loved it keep it up rishabh 🙆🙆👏👏👌👌👌


    love you qaran sir

  • purva shah
    purva shah

    Qaran has got something unique u instantly get connected to the song and feel the vibes... Haye oye and now hope you don't mind... Keep producing more good tracks brother... ❤❤

  • Zhinik Rikta
    Zhinik Rikta

    Here from Hasnain Khan's Instagram reel😻💯🙌🏻


    How you make this type of fabulous song i also like ki kehna or kishmish

  • Ravneet Singh
    Ravneet Singh

    Sick 🔥 Music And Every Beat . Loved It .

  • Pijush Laha
    Pijush Laha


  • Akanksha Agrawal
    Akanksha Agrawal

    onlu kinju baby ❤️❤️

  • RK

    Another masterpiece by Qaran

  • Sriya Samantray
    Sriya Samantray

    You look soo beautiful nidzzz love youu ❤️

  • Esher Chagger
    Esher Chagger

    is that kinju baby?

  • Amit C.
    Amit C.

    Such a beautiful song..with lyrics, acting, expression, editing ..everything..love the song and nidhi shah and qaran bhai..god bless you .

  • Bhavika Patel
    Bhavika Patel

    Why Qaran is a underrated singer He is of course more talented than many singer 🔥🔥🔥

  • AR Sagor
    AR Sagor

    Love u Nidhi mam

  • Ritika Gupta
    Ritika Gupta

    Kinju baby 🔥🔥

  • Moslima Parven
    Moslima Parven

    I was going to study...but then...I put on my headphones and... -Son of moslima parven.age-15 Edited-Can you become my friend??Kinju baby??😘😘😘?? _big fan...

  • Devika Cheetamun
    Devika Cheetamun

    Never got tired listening to this song...fabulous 1 love this song.

  • Sarala Devi
    Sarala Devi

    Very nice song nidhi di your acting is fabulous love you so much di and your song fantastic dear ❤❤ 😘 👍

  • Atul Mishra 9837
    Atul Mishra 9837

    1 like just for nidhi shah

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    Umesh Vaswani

    Will you please give me a camera

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    Tushar Kapre

    Super ❤️❤️❤️ hit song 👍

  • Humada Arif
    Humada Arif

    Best song

  • SK Rizwan
    SK Rizwan

    Nidz ❤

    • Ashu Dhage
      Ashu Dhage

      Her name is Nidhi her instagram I'd is nidz_20

  • Minnie Sharma
    Minnie Sharma

    Love the concept of the video ..n yeah lots of love for Qaran..

  • Dr. Aniruddha Chakraborty
    Dr. Aniruddha Chakraborty

    Awesome song 👌👌😍

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy

    Ads brought me here... Now its my favourite song on loop for 5 days 🥰😍

  • Tanushree Das
    Tanushree Das

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    Don't know why " Qaran is so underrated"!!!

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    Zoya Gadhiya

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    RAdha Krishnan

    Song makes feel that mixture of Indian melodious + Western music & makes more awesome both combinations 👌😘😘😘😘

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    Kuhen Nair


  • Aurélie Neten
    Aurélie Neten

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    Longpi Hazarika

    Beautiful song..Qaran you are always fav❤️❤️

    • Tushar Kapre
      Tushar Kapre


  • Israt Jahan Surovy
    Israt Jahan Surovy

    Urban music blended with traditional tune


    Reply me


    Such a beautiful song

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    Rithvik Abhishek Monteiro

    Why very less views?

  • Gh0sT KuNaL
    Gh0sT KuNaL

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    Sandra Isah

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    Nandita Das

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    Fenix Gaming


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    Ankush Pethe

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    Nirob Naowaz

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    Shwetuu Sweetypie

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    RandomQuestion TV

    I loved so much this song 😘 kisses from Brazil

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    Satish Patel

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    Ganesh Chavan

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    Aastha Shrestha

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    Ronil Jariwala

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    Poonam Makhloga

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    Dev Yadav

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    Breath Away Music

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    Lajrush Soy

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    Mona Chander

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    Shreya Patil

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    Shrawani Urkude

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    Kangana Agrawal

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    Ansh Gavshinde

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