Vayu - Tohfa | Official Music Video | Vaibhav Pani | Manohar Rao | Love Song 2021
A tale of innocence and love that will stir your heartstrings - boy meets girl and they save each other through love and friendship. After the soulful Baatein Karo, Vayu is back with another slice - of - life “Tohfa” for the listeners! The video features sparkling chemistry between Vishak Nair and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya.

Vayu is a multi - faceted artiste well known in both Bollywood and Pop. A triple threat of musical talent (singer, composer, lyricist), his strong songwriting skills lie at the core of his art.

Audio Credits:
Music Composer - Vayu
Lyricist - Vayu
Singer - Vayu
Music Production by Vaibhav Pani
Additional Music Production by Manohar Rao
Guitars by Vaibhav Pani
Backing Vocals by Vaibhav Pani
Mixed by Abhishek Gautam
Mastered by Abhishek Gautam
Recorded at SoundPlant Studio, Bhopal (Manohar Rao) / ReNRaga Studio, Mumbai (Sanjay Thapa)

Video Credits:
Footloose Films Presents Tohfa by Vayu
Production House: Happy Hippie Films ( )

Producer - Amit Mishr
Director - Taani Tanvir ( )
Cast - Vishak Nair, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Vayu

Executive Producer - Gautam Narayan
Director of Photography - Abraham Joseph
Editor - Nidhin Raj Arol
Production Designer - Ashwini Kale
Costume Stylist - Zoya Joy
Hair \u0026 Makeup - RG Wayanadan
BTS Video \u0026 Stills - Sumit Patil

Line Production:
MadGenius Productions
Line Producer - Pakku Kareethara
Chief Assistant Director - Supreet Aneja
Assistant Director - Thomas Ben
Production Manager - Ashlee Isaac
Assistant Cinematographers - Midhun Joshy \u0026 Mithun K Vasudev
Associate Art Director - Maanav Suresh
Art Assistants - Lokesh Bala, Ashif Mohammed, Sumi Gangadharan, Aleena Rose
Assistant Stylist - Liya Lionel
Hair \u0026 Makeup Assistant - Aneesh

Grey Grammer Picture Post
Colorist - Adolf Dsouza
Vfx Artist - Nehal Khan
Vfx supervisor- Chandan Bera
Junior Artist - Chirantan Antani
Rotoscoping - Kiran Randhe \u0026 Utkarsh Shantinath Surpuse

MasteryKey Studio
Sound Designer - Anup Bhat

Supporting Cast:
Zidan Asif, Pooja Arun, Pakku Kareethara, Gautam Narayan.

Camera - Candid Camera
Lighting Unit - High Lights

Costumes Courtesy:
• Style Quotient -
• Vewora -
• Aambal clothing -
• Eirah the label -

Bear Hugs for Support ♥️
• Zu Zooni
• Surya Balakrishnan
• Kedhhar Bharrve
• Joy \u0026 Preethi Bastian

Label : Sony Music India

(C) 2021 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2021

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      Vayu ji..we need u more than u need us. Quality songs are rare and you help us to experience that. Please keep it. Have a good day....

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    Anjali Rajendran

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    krishna Rajpoot.

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    Rishi Dixit

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      Rishi Dixit

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How this happened??😭💔
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